Why Jazz is the Best Music Genre

As the brain receives messages from the environment, it releases chemicals to react accordingly. Following the influence of jazz, the brain tends to imitate rhythmically improvisational patterns, which can sometimes burst and shake in sharp measures. Therefore, activity in music influences greater hyperactive neural stimulation. I completely agree that jazz music is exciting and stimulates our thinking. It's not very repetitive unlike other genres.

Not only does it focus on rhythm and melody, but it also gives importance to lyrical interpretation. I like the application of inharmonic chords that are very stimulating for my brain and my emotions. Great jazz singers are also experts at exhibiting vocal dynamics, as well as the ability to change from the lowest to the highest range in a very artistic style. Since stress is at the root of many health problems, the relaxing effect of jazz music can have an incredible healing influence. It physically changes the body by reducing heart and respiratory rates.

Obviously there are a lot of things that I love and get excited about, especially with certain artists, but these are some of the main reasons why I love jazz as a genre. Virtuosity in jazz encompasses being fluid in a dialogue that allows groups to move direction at any time, a deep mastery of rhythm and the ability to create beautiful art in place with little groundwork. I always find myself appreciating jazz albums that are complex enough so that after three listenings I can finally get into the rhythm. It wasn't called jazz then, but the way slaves played and sang music was different and special. At least for me there are a couple of categories of things to look for to at least help define what jazz you like.

Many musicians are defined by the instrument they play, so it makes sense that it's essential to know what type of jazz you like. It's the spontaneity of jazz that means there's no upfront planning that you really like. And if you want to hold on a little more, I would read about the structure of jazz music (whether it's as simple as seeing the typical forms or as complicated as immersing yourself in theory) so that you know even more what to listen to. Or maybe I mistakenly think that the reflections of a cultural critic will push jazz into brighter territory. I think jazz music embodies creativity more than any other genre because it is largely improvisation by nature. But look at the session musicians in many main acts, and it's the names of jazz that appear, as they always have.

I started with some classic albums such as Kind of Blue and A Love Supreme and with other very popular albums such as Mingus Ah Um and The Shape of Jazz to Come. William Klemm, from Psychology Today, says you should listen to jazz music, as it comes with a multitude of different cognitive benefits that enrich your mind. The flavor of jazz, also known as samba, big band, bossa nova, avante garde, acid jazz, fusion jazz, orchestral jazz, smooth jazz, afro beat or swing. I think that as with any other genre, listening to all the jazz you can get your hands on is definitely the way to start.

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