Is Tomorrowland the Biggest Music Festival in the World?

This summer, 600,000 festival-goers are expected to flock to Boom, Belgium for what is said to be the largest music festival in the world. Leaf is a small house music stage located on the walkway that crosses the lake that divides the Tomorrowland site. It has a geodome design and is one of the most intimate stages at the festival. Rave Cave is even smaller, converting from a tunnel under a bridge with a blocked entrance.

Rose Garden is one of Tomorrowland's oldest settings and is semicircular with a lattice framework. The most iconic feature of this stage is a giant mechanical dragon that moves constantly, with its mouth open and blinking. Steam jets are located inside the mouth and nose to give the impression that smoke is being breathed. With a Tomorrowland Day wristband, all festival exits are final and re-entry will not be allowed.

Vienna has long been home to music geniuses, such as Mozart, and is now home to what is regarded as the mecca for all dance music fans - Tomorrowland. The festival is known for its massive production on the main stage, which includes amazing audiovisuals accompanied by floating dancers and fireworks. A Coachella music festival attracts top talent, while a Tomorrowland festival brings together music lovers and celebrities of all ages in one place. The Ultra EDM festival hosts events all over the world, but the Miami festival usually has one of the largest participations.

The first Tomorrowland festival attracted fewer than 10,000 attendees, many of whom received free passes to spread more excitement for the event. A vibrant city that welcomes tens of thousands of festival visitors after an exuberant day in Tomorrowland. Mysteryland has been part of the long-running festival for more than 80 years and stands as one of the largest in the world. Tomorrowland is known not only as the biggest and best EDM festival in the world, but also as a “playground for adults”, with fireworks, laser shows and intricate interactive sets demonstrating the annual theme.

With more than eight million people tuning in, Tomorrowland quickly and easily becomes the most watched music festival on the planet. Several nationalities have traveled to the festival with a Global Journey Package, which are official Tomorrowland Travel packages.

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