The Best Jazz Festivals Around the World

Jazz music has been around for centuries, and it's no surprise that jazz festivals have become a popular way to celebrate the genre. From Copenhagen to Cape Town, there are plenty of amazing jazz festivals around the world that offer something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a free event or a ticketed performance, here are some of the best jazz festivals in the world. The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is one of the most popular jazz festivals in the world. Held in late April and early May, this festival features an eclectic selection of musical genres, from jazz to zydeco.

With one of the most beautiful stages and talented jazz music artists, this festival should be on your list of priorities. The Eltham Jazz, Food and Wine Festival is another great event on the European summer circuit. Held in July, this festival includes both free concerts and ticketed performances, as well as music competitions, jazz workshops and live music cruises on Lake Geneva. The Vinterjazz Festival is held in Copenhagen every year in February. This festival has been held since 1979 and is one of the most important annual jazz events in Europe.

Vinterjazz starts in the middle of winter and heats up more than 75 venues in Denmark for more than 300 concerts in 17 days. Special program series include Jazz for Kids, Future Sound of Jazz and Jazz'n Poetry. The Chicago Jazz Festival is held every September in honor of Duke Ellington after his death in 1974. This festival attracts more than 150,000 music lovers to various events in Millennium Park and downtown on Labor Day weekend. The EDP Cool Jazz Festival is held in two different locations in Portugal during the summer. This festival celebrates several musical genres with an emphasis on Smooth Jazz, Latin Jazz and R&B.The Lowcountry Jazz Festival, South Carolina's premier annual Smooth Jazz event, returns to the Charleston Gaillard Center with a stellar lineup every Labor Day weekend. Finally, the Miami Smooth Jazz Festival is one of the biggest free jazz events in the world. Held at the end of August in Millennium Park, this festival features some of the most popular artists in Smooth Jazz and R&B.So if you ever visit any part of this continent, it's a must to attend some jazz festivals in Europe.

With plenty of options for attending jazz festivals in Europe, there's no way you'll be left without playing with its rich cultural heritage.

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