The Largest Jazz Festivals Around the World

Jazz music is a form of musical expression that originated in the African American communities of New Orleans in the late 19th century. It has since become a global phenomenon, with jazz festivals being held all over the world. The largest jazz festivals in the world are the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, the Clearwater Jazz Holiday, the Java Jazz Festival, and the Montreux Jazz Festival. The Montreal International Jazz Festival is ranked as the world's largest jazz festival in the Guinness World Records.

It has been a continuous jazz festival since the early 1980s and has broken the world record, with the Guinness World Record 2004 for being the busiest jazz festival entertaining more than two million people. It presents more than 3,000 artists from more than 30 countries who perform in more than 650 concerts. The festival is held on 20 stages, including indoor concert halls and free outdoor stages. During the jazz festival, parts of Montreal are closed for ten days from noon to midnight to allow for the various outdoor shows being held at different locations at the same time. The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is held in July every year in Denmark.

This event has been held since 1979, making it one of the most distinguished jazz festivals in Europe and around the world. The dates are from July 6th to July 15th, although jazz is so popular in Copenhagen that their Vinterjazz starts in February. By the time the big festival in July arrives, a series of nearly 300 jazz concerts, with jazz for children and jazz for poetry, would have been presented in different parts of the country. The Clearwater Jazz Holiday has also been held since 1979 in Clearwater, Florida. This is a world-class four-day, four-night event held every October and is generally enjoyed by more than thirty-five thousand visitors.

This event takes place at Coachman Park in Clearwater and features a combination of great artists and a wide variety of jazz styles that are sure to inspire and delight jazz fans around the world. The Java Jazz Festival has been held for about 10 years in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event takes place every month of March and is considered the largest jazz festival in the Southern Hemisphere. Java Jazz Festivals feature popular Indonesian jazz artists such as Yura Yunita and international jazz artists such as Arturo Sandoval and Stevie Wonder. The Montreux Jazz Festival (formerly Montreux Jazz Festival and Montreux International Jazz Festival) is a music festival held annually in early July in Montreux, on the coast of Lake Geneva. It is the second largest annual jazz festival in the world after Canada's Montreal International Jazz Festival.

The Montreux Jazz Festival opened and was founded by Claude Nobs, Géo Voumard and René Langel with the considerable help of Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegun of Atlantic Records. Vinterjazz, February — Copenhagen has been home to an on-the-go jazz community since the 1960s. It is not surprising, then, that the city's jazz festival, which has been held every summer since 1979, is one of the most important annual jazz events in Europe. But why wait until July? Vinterjazz starts in the middle of winter and heats up more than 75 venues in Denmark to offer more than 300 concerts over 17 days. Special program series includes Jazz for Kids, Future Sound of Jazz and Jazz'n Poetry. Cape jazz is an integral part of local culture, as it developed in parallel with American jazz in the early 20th century.

Starting May 10, 1980, a Montreal Jazz Festival was organized, with funding from Alain de Grosbois of CBC Stereo and...The Iowa City Jazz Festival is a three-day weekend of live jazz performances and delicious local dishes, culminating in a full-fledged fireworks display over the University of Iowa Pentacrest. A parallel program of jazz-themed films, photo exhibitions, master classes, workshops and open interviews make this event a staple on the world jazz circuit. Join thousands of jazz enthusiasts and get new music, artists, albums, events and more delivered to your inbox. Every year, for 10 days, French-speaking metropolises around the world become lively places where fans of all kinds rub shoulders with jazz fans in its purest form.

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